Purchased With Brad Goetz

A lot of first time home buyers or clients that haven't moved in a while, always wonder how a buyer agent gets paid.  The answer to this is simple:  The seller always pays all the commission.  For people looking to buy, you get to use a realtor with no direct costs to you.  You pay nothing, zip, natta......So why NOT use a realtor when buying.  You should want someone to represent you in a transaction, someone who can negotiate without emotion, negotiate based on neighbourhood stats and someone who is looking out for your best interest.  

Check out some of the transactions below where I was reperesenting the buyer.


Sold House Downtown Oshawa

This House had hit the market on December 29, 2014 and we had purchased it conditionally within 24 Hours.  This quick acting purchase allowed us to avoid Multiple Offers.  It was legalized and has been rented ever since renovations were completed and the property was legalized.


Sold House in the Country

This house was on the market for a while, allowing my clients to secure this amazing house for a great price.  Negotiations took a couple of days, but in the end, my clients won and now have a house with a pond on approx. 5 acres of land a short 45 min drive to Brampton, Ontario. 


Sold Condo In the heart of Mississauga

This Condo unit was on the market for about a month.  When it came time for my client to submit an offer we were in Multiples with 3 other offers.  We ended up negotiating far less then ask with a 2 week close.  This strategy can be put into use when you have a motivated seller who wants a quick close. 


Sold House In Rockwood Ontario, amazing land.

Beutiful Rockwood Ontario, Amazing Property that had a cliff in the backyard of the almost 300' deep lot.  My clients were in multiples on this one.  We went slightly above asking price and won.  Then during the inspection, noticed some water damage in the basement.  Estimated cost was $2500.  So I asked for a price reduction and got it.  Happy Clients = Happy Realtor.


Freehold Townhouse. 3 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

Oh how you never forget your first.  This was my first deal as a Realtor.    This house came on the market on a Thursday, my clients and I viewed it the same day.  Tried submitting an offer right away, but had to wait until Sunday.  Even though we were the only offer, the strategy here was to rap this up before another offer came through.  We submitted an offer slightly below ask and it was accepted. Today this house has appreciated very nicely.  My clients were so happy to call this their first home.


Country property with a pond

This property had been on the market for while.  negotiated a fantastic deal plus negotiated into the transaction a tractor, snow blower and back up generator.  Yes, it is possible to negotiate chattles with a house.  You don't ask you don't get


3 Bedroom detached home Brampton

I always love helping family.  In this case I got to help my sister and her boyfriend (Now Husband) find their prefect first time home.  The deal came from multiple offers.  We submitted an offer $12,000 below ask with a 2 week close.  I found out the sellers were desperate as they were moving out of province. Find out the sellers motivation to customize your negotiation strategy.  


I met this purchaser at one of my collegues open houses.  We viewed the property the day it was listed and fell in love with the potential.  This home had the character you can't find in newer homes.  On Offer Day We were successful in obtaining this property.  One concern was a slanted floor.  We made the offer conditional upon an inspection of a structural engineer.  He came out and gave the "Ok" that the property was structurally sound.  

This was a transaction on a Rural Property located in Chatsworth Ontario, which is about 100km North West from Shelburn.  This property consists of a Barn, Garage, 100 Acres and a 156 Year old farm house.  Took a couple weeks to negotiate, but at the end of the day, my clients got an amazing deal on this property.  This will suite their growing family and all of their animals, including 2 horses.  Hopefully grass cutting is enjoyable.....There is lots of it to cut..:)