If you are considering moving to Oshawa Ontario, be sure to go through my videos of what the city is like.  After watching the videos about Oshawa Ontario, you will get a better understanding of what it is like to Eat, Sleep, Play, LIve & Work here.  I moved to Oshawa in 2012/13 and loved every minute of it.  Between our own home and investment properties we got a complete picture of what the city is all about. 

With GM closing, so many people were writing Oshawa off as a place to live or invest in.  The housing market here in Oshawa was not affected at all with GM closing.  Perhaps it slowed the climb in property values but those waiting on the sidelines for property values to decline are still waiting.  

Living In Oshawa: 10 Things To Know About Oshawa
Oshawa Ontario
Top 5 Best Neighborhoods In Oshawa Ontario
Top Neighborhoods In Oshawa Ontario
Where To Live Oshawa - The Different Oshawa Hoods
Living In Oshawa
Living In Oshawa | Windfields Vs. Taunton
Oshawa Ontario
Oshawa: How To Get Your House Ready To Sell
Oshawa Ontario
Oshawa: Is Now The Best Time To Sell Your Home For Max Returns
Living in Oshawa
Living In Oshawa | TOP Shopping Locations
Living In Oshawa
Best Shopping Area?
Living In Oshawa: The Downtown Oshawa TRUTH
Living In Oshawa
Is it That BAD?!?
BIGGEST Mistakes When Moving To The Durham Region
Living In Oshawa
Don't Make These Same Mistakes!
Everything To Know About Living In Oshawa (FULL VLOG)
Living In Oshawa
How Is It Really?
Oshawa, Ontario - 3 Most EXPENSIVE Areas
Oshawa Ontario Expensive Areas
Is It Worth It?
Oshawa Neighborhoods - Centennial Full VLOG Tour!
Moving To Oshawa
Could You Live Here?
Living In Oshawa: Investing In Student Rentals
Student Rentals In Oshawa Ontario
How Much Does It Cost To Live In Oshawa Ontario
Oshawa Ontario Cost Of Living
7 Tips to Save TONS OF MONEY When Moving To Oshawa
Moving TIps
Living In Oshawa - Top Schools In Oshawa Ontario
Living In Oshawa
Oshawa: Home Selling Process Made EASY
Oshawa - Best Time To Sell A House For Top Dollar
oshawa best time to sell
Living In Oshawa - High Crime Areas? How To Find Them!
Living In Oshawa
Which Areas Are The Safest?
Oshawa Negatives
It Can't Be That Bad?
What I Loved About Living In Oshawa!
Is It The Right Place For You and Your Family?
Why Exploding
So Many People Are Moving Here!
OSHAWA, Ontario - What's It Really Like?
Oshawa Ontario
Driving Tour #1
Oshawa Neighborhoods- Columbus Full VLOG Tour!
Moving To Oshawa
Could You Live Here?
Living In Oshawa: Covid 19 And Buying A House
Buying A House In Oshawa During Covid
Watch Before Looking At Oshawa Homes For Sale
Moving To Oshawa
Oshawa City Tour | Google Maps Style
Oshawa Ontario
Massive PROBLEMS In The Oshawa Housing Market!
Living In Oshawa
Oshawa: Questions To Ask A Realtor When Selling Your Home In Oshawa
Living in Oshawa
Oshawa: Cost Of Selling A House With A Realtor
LIving in Oshawa
Oshawa's WATERFRONT - Good or Bad?
How Do You Like It?
Should I Move to Oshawa, Ontario?
Living In Oshawa
10 Reasons Why You Should?
Living In Oshawa - My Client's TRUE Story
Buying A House
Which House Did They Buy?
Houses Are Really This Cheap In Oshawa!
Moving To Oshawa
Could you live here?
Oshawa Neighborhoods - Beaton Full VLOG Tour!
Moving To Oshawa
Could You Live Here?
See Oshawa As A Local Would!
Living IN Oshawa
Drive The Streets With Me!


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