Living In Oshawa: What Its Like To Live In Oshawa Ontario

This video will outline Living In Oshawa: What Its Like To Live In Oshawa Ontario

What Its Like To Live In Oshawa Ontario

So many people google or search on YouTube the big question "What Is It Like To Live In Oshawa"?  This drew me to do a little video outlining the Pro's and Con's of eating, sleeping, playing, living and working right here in the City Of Oshawa.  Oshawa has exploded over the past 6 years with house prices almost doubling.  This was mainly because Oshawa had been one of the most affordable areas of the Greater Toronto Area for so long.  It was only a matter of time before the stigma Oshawa carried would be over shadowed by the low house prices. 

While this was happening and prices rose, the demographics of Oshawa had changed so much.  Now Oshawa has lost the BAD reputation it carried for so long.  Once it was announced GM would be leaving Oshawa, so many people thought the house prices would crumble and the main employer was leaving.  What most people did not realise was that GM was no longer the top employer in Oshawa.  The fact that so many people commute to other cities for work along with some other companies that started expanding in Oshawa, GM leaving started to make very little difference.  In addition, GM announced they were closing the plant, not leaving Oshawa.  In fact they are changing what Oshawa's role would be.  For decades, Oshawa's role was to provide manufacturing labour.  This was going to change as GM was now going to focus on enginering jobs.  In fact, a parcel of land was going to be used as a closed circut track that would test self driving cars.   This video will list some of the Pros and Cons of Living In Oshawa.  I hope you enjoy it.


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