Orlando, Oshawa Rental

This property was my first Investment property in Oshawa.  Purchased in November 2011, this house located within Oshawa North was just outside of the "Rental Licensing Area" but still Close to Durham College andUOIT.   This house was used as a student rental assisting students of Durham College and UOIT.  Not only has this house seen a huge increase in value, it cashflows amazingly every month and has had never been vacant.

Garden, Oshawa Rental

This property was purchased in March of 2013 as a student rental.It is located in Oshawa North and required an extensive amount of work. We added a bedroom and updated plumbing and electrical within the house.  

This house has a positive cashflow every month and has also shown great appreciation in value.  It has 4 rental bedrooms on the main level and a 1 bedroom apartment in the basement.  Plus a massive workshop/garage.

Albert, Oshawa Rental

This property was purchased in February 2015, this house was a non-legal 2 unit property.

The property was renovated and legalized as a legal - 2 unit property. Renovations consisited of electrical, plumbing, cosmetic and minor structural.  Rents collected for this house total $2,580 per month.

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