Living In Oshawa: Buying Or Selling Real Estate During The Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic

Living In Oshawa: Buying Or Selling Real Estate During The Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic

This video outlines my honest opinion regarding selling or buying real estate during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic.  I strongly feel that during this time, you should hold off UNLESS you can't.  If Your circumstances require you to either buy or sell real estate this video does show how it is possible while practising social distancing and how I can help combat it in this housing market.  It is about understanding it and NOT underestimating it!

If You Do Need To Buy Real Estate?

All Initial communication is done via a Phone Call, Video Call, Email or Txt Messages.  I get an idea of what you are looking for and start sending you properties that I feel may be of interest to you. 


Once you see a property you like, I will preview the property and we can either conduct a video showing together (Live) or I can record a video walk through of the property and send it to you.  This is usually a 5-7 minute video that is pretty much me walking through the property giving a play by play of what i am seeing, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.  From this point, we can either schedule a in person showing, or we can submit an offer conditional on you "Viewing The Property".  This helps alleviate wasting time viewing a property that goes no where based on either price or conditions.  Surprisingly enough, we are seeing offers being submityed conditional on the buyer viewing the property.

Offer Paperwork!

Once you decide to submit an offer on a property, I complete all required paperwork and send via email for you to review.  We schedule a call to go over all the details and once everything is satisfactory, I email you via DocuSign which is a fantastic digital signing platform that allows you to sign, initial and date everything with the click of a button in the required spots within the documents.


Once we have an accepted offer you must submit a deposit to the listing brokerage.  This is mostly being done now via Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer.  I would get the information and send to you for completion.  It is fairly straight forward, and I am available to help make this process very easy.


If the offer is conditional upon inspections, I schedule all inspections that would be required.  Most common is the home inspection, which is a 2-3 hour inspection done by a certified home inspector who completes an in depth inspection of the property to ensure there are no visible issues that could cost you $$$ down the road.  This helps minimize the possibility of having to deal with surprises once you are in your new home.  Depending on the property, other inspections may be required (Wood Burning Fireplace - WETT Inspection | Well - Water Flow Test, Water Quality Test | Septic - Pumping / Inspection)

Notice Of Fulfillments / Waivers / Amendments!

If your offer was conditional for a certain amount of time, we must complete the required paperwork to either fulfill the condition, waive the condition or complete an amendment.  Depending on the situation would allow me to determine what is required.  At this point, I complete everything and send via email and we would go over it together.  Once everything is satisfactory, I send via DocuSign and have everything signed and submitted to the listing agent within our allotted time.

Lawyer Signing / Key Pickup

Once the sale is firm, I submit all required paperwork to your lawyer.  If you don't have a lawyer, I can offer some recommendations of lawyers I have used in the past.  At this point, they will reach out to you to complete all required signings.  Some lawyers complete everything digitally, others will send a notary to your house to have signatures done and others will set an appointment for you to go into their office.  Once all this is done, the last step is picking up the keys which is done once the property officially closes.  People always ask what time on closing day do you get the keys?  My answer is always it depends.  Once your bank funds your deal and the lawyer is able to complete everything on their end, the deal closes.  I have seen 9am on closing day and i have also seen 4pm on closing day.


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