Living In Oshawa - Where To Live?

This video will outline the Top 5 Best Neighbourhoods In Oshawa Ontario To Live In

1. Beaton

This is an area of Oshawa located on the south east region and is pretty much owned by General Motors.  There are no houses in this area, however, does have a few commercial properties along with the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve.  The wildlife reserve was recently donated to the city by General Motors.

2. Centennial

This neighbourhood is located north of Rossland to South of Taunton.  It runs from the Oshawa Creek East until Wilson.  It is an older neighbourhood great for first time buyers and those with small families.  There are many parks which help in providing many green spaces.  This area is very convenient for shopping.

3. Central

This neighbourhood is better known as “Downtown Oshawa” and is located from the 401 north until King and runs from the Oshawa Creek east to Wilson Road.  It is the most affordable area of Oshawa and is in the transitioning area.  Between the city doing their part to clean up the area and investors/new buyers moving in the area has already seen a huge transition.  By the time the New Go Station goes in, who knows how much better the area could be.  This is an area that does show signs of going up in value at a high rate.

4. Columbus

This is a small area of NORTH (NORTH NORTH) Oshawa located around the Simcoe and Columbus intersection.  Very small community with farms, properties with acreage which is close to Port Perry and the 407.  Properties in this section most likely have well and septic systems in place.  Need more info on this, reach out anytime.

5. Donevan

The Donevan section is an area of Eastern Oshawa on The Courtice border which is close to the 401 and only a 10 minute drive to any shopping you would need.  New Development is being done at Harmony and Olive with Symphony Towns Developing a community of NEW Townhomes.   This area does not have a lot of turnover making it a very desirable area since not a TON of homes come on the market.  The area has a very high Ownership percentage with 76% of the homes being owner occupied.

6. Eastdale

The Eastdale area is located between King – Rossland and Wilson – Townline.  It is an area that is a great choice for families as the homes are affordable, they have a wide selection of schools and a community center.  The area is made up of 87% Owners and 13% renters.  If you are looking to rent, this may be a hard area to get into mainly because of low rental inventory.

7. Farewell

 This area is located right in between lakeview and Beaton in South Oshawa.  There is not a ton of inventory in this area but when homes do hit the market they tend to sell quickly.  This is mainly because of the affordability, the closeness to the beach and the fact that it is part of the Lakefront transitioning area.  The homes in this area are older type semi detached and detached homes.  The area has about 71% owner occupied homes and 29% rented properties

8. Kedron

This is an area of North Oshawa located from Conlin – Winchester and Simcoe just west of Ritson – Townline.  This is a large land mass with not a lot of homes located in the area.  Jeffrey homes did develop the south west corner back in the 1990’s – early 2000’s.  This area has a large amount of owner-occupied homes.  This location is close to shopping, 407 and future development.  Sorbara group is also developing the Conlin and Harmony section with their new development called “Homeward Hills” which will consist of Singles and townhomes.

9. Lakeview

Lakeview is probably one pick that will have people scratching their heads as it is in "South Oshawa" which has the "Stay Away" reputation.  Over the years that has been an amazing transition with new people moving to the area due to affordability.  Over the next few years, I see house prices going up at a higher rate due to the amazing affordability of this area.  The main draw is the proximity to Lake Ontario and Lakeview Park which is an amazing place to visit.  Whether enjoying the Beach, the park or the trails there is something for everyone.  Especially on special events where you can bring the family to enjoy Rib fests or Canada Day Fire Works.  There is NOWHERE within the GTA that you can find such affordable housing so close to the water.

10. McLaughlin

 This area is my old stomping grounds, living at the Park and Rossland area from 2013-2017.  In fact, The McLaughlin area will always be where I got married, got a puppy, my daughter was even born while we were living here.  It is a great community with both a lot of original owners still living in their house they purchased back in the 1960's. It is an incredibly quiet community with 7 public schools, 4 catholic schools and 16 parks.  The area is made up of 1960's bungalows and side splits, making it very desirable for investors looking to convert single family homes to duplex's

11. Northglen

This is an area located between Rossland – Taunton and Just west of Thornton to Oshawa Creek.  It is an area which is great for young families as a large percentage have young children.  This area is a mix of different kinds of detached homes and has the Oshawa Executive airport located within it.  It is a great area if you like seeing little planes and private jets.  88% of the homes are owner occupied leaving just 12% of the homes being tenanted.

12. Northwood

This is an area located between Taunton -the 407 and the Oshawa creek – Just west of Thornton.  Northwood does not have a lot of homes within it, but the ones it does have come with larger than normal lots being 100 x 200-foot lots.  This is a great area if you are looking for country living in a city.  I couldn’t find the exact amount of owner occupied homes but know based on the area that it is very high, with almost no properties being tenanted.

13. O'Neil

This is my favorite part of Oshawa due to the style of homes and the histroy behind them.  It is made up of a wide array of homes, from $400.000 bungalows to $1,000,000 + estate homes.  The O'Neil area is home to the Oshawa Hospital and Parkwood Estate which you would have seen if you watched Billy Madison or Some of the X-Men movies.   This area is directly in the middle of Oshawa and is referred to (By Me) as the Heart of Oshawa.   It also has 9 public schools, 4 catholic schools, 1 private school and 9 parks.

14. Pinecrest

This area is located from Rossland – Taunton and Townline – Wilson.  The area is made up of mostly detached homes but also has some townhomes.  The area is incredibly quiet with very diverse demographics as it ranges from young families to retired couples.  Families are the larger groups in this area.  The located is great being close to the 401, Shopping and different rec centers.   88% of the properties are owner occupied with only 12% of the properties being tenanted.

15. Raglan

Raglan is in the very north section of Oshawa around the Simcoe & Raglan intersection, with homes ranging from older to newly built with a wide range of custom homes.  Majority of the homes are on Well and Septic systems. 

16. Rural Oshawa

Rural Oshawa is the largest land mass of property located in Oshawa, with some of the fewest homes as most of the properties come with very large amounts of Acreage.  Rural Oshawa is located from Winchester – Coates and Townline – Just west of Thornton.  If you are looking for a house with a large property, this is probably the area for you.  There are also lots of Stately type homes that have been custom built over the years. 

17. Samac

Samac is located Taunton – Conlin and Wilson – The Oshawa Creek.  This is the area I first moved to when moving to Oshawa from Brampton.  There are lots of families with some homes being used as student rentals.  The Oshawa Dump is located within Samac at Ritson Rd & Ormond.  This located is close to anything you may need and is a popular choice for First time home buyers, Downsizers and Investors looking to purchase student rentals. 86% of the homes are owner occupied with just 14% being used as income producing rentals. 

18. Stevenson

Stevenson is mostly commercial zoning with a few homes steps from the Waterfront trail system.  This is home to the GM Plat and approximately 400 acres owned by General Motors Canada.  The location is also home to the Oshawa Go Train location making downtown Toronto commuting very easy.

19. Taunton

Taunton is located in North Oshawa between Taunton – Conlin and Wilson – Townline.  It is an area of new homes ranging from detached, semi detached and townhomes.  This area is popular for people moving from Toronto and looking for affordable newer type homes.  Taunton is awfully close to shopping (Walmart, Home Depot and many other big box stores), The Delpark Homes Rec Center and everything else you would need.  98% of the homes are owner occupied while only 2% are being rented.

20. Vanier

The Vanier community is a very highly desired area, for both Homeowners and Investors looking to purchase a property within a close proximity to EVERYTHING.  The Oshawa Center shopping mall is in the Vanier community making it home to over 1,000,000 sf of indoor shopping fun.  This area is also close to the 401, 407 and the Thornton Rd. Go Station which can get you to Union Station in 40-50 Minuets.  The area is built up of homes built between 1960 - 1990, so its not a new area, but is home to a wide array of properties from detached homes, semi-detached homes, town homes, apartments, multi family residential and mixed-use properties.  Being in the Vanier area makes it easy to get around without owning a car.

21. Windfields

The Windfields area is located from Conlin – Winchester and Between Northwood – Kedron.  I actually lived in this area from February 2017 – December 2019.  Windfields has the highest rated public school in Oshawa with Northern Dancer Public School leading the way with an 8.6 / 10 rating.  There will be a new catholic school opening sometime soon as it was supposed to open in January 2020.  The homes range from townhomes to 4,000 Square feet detached homes.  


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